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We Need Your Help!

August 15, 2022 

A letter from Kim Staffieri, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Association of Wartime Allies (AWA):

Since AWA’s inception in 2019, we have been an entirely volunteer based organization comprised of Wartime Allies, Veterans, and Subject Matter Experts. Our mission, to serve Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa applicants.   

From what started as helping “a few cases”, AWA currently offers interactive, real-time support and education to upwards of 19,000 members (SIV principal applicants) in an effort to enable them to navigate the complexities of the Special Immigrant Visa process with as few delays (or denials) of their applications as possible. Our membership grows at the rate of ~1,000 new member requests per week.

AWA also works directly with the US Department of State, Consular services, National Visa Center, numerous US based legal, resettlement and Veteran's organizations, and accredited Humanitarian Aid organizations to offer a robust network of support to SIV applicants and recipients.

In August 2021, everything changed seemingly overnight.  The chaotic evacuation from Kabul left an estimated 96% of our SIV applicants behind.  Analysis of current Department of State data tells us that at the current rate, it may take close to 2 decades before we can process and relocate the remaining SIV applicants out of Afghanistan. 

These staggering numbers don’t even include the tens of thousands of other Afghans at risk in Afghanistan that don’t fit into the niche qualifications of the SIV programs.

Given the incredulous severity of the prospects of these timelines, the systemic Taliban retribution against our Wartime Allies, atrocities, human rights violations and the dire humanitarian crisis that grows daily in Afghanistan, a decision has been made to formalize AWA as a 501(c)3 organization. It is our intent to prepare for the long game.  That we may begin to receive funding to support our original mission with a dedicated laser focus. Expand it to include support (via legitimate humanitarian support organizations on the ground) for those who will remain left behind for the unforeseeable future, and also to help our newly arrived Wartime Allies.

AWA is unique in our ability to serve and help our Wartime Allies.   Our team of experts coupled with an extensive network make it possible for us to help our Wartime Allies through these most difficult times.

To assist us in this effort, please DONATE NOW to our mission, to which we are dedicated to seeing through until such time as our Wartime Allies are successfully resettled and established in the U.S.

Be well


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