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We Need Your Help!

We are on a mission to support the processing of the 18,000 Special Immigrant Visa applications completed by Interpreters who served alongside US Military Forces in Afghanistan. These brave and loyal translators fought and bled alongside our uniformed service members. When the US withdraws from Afghanistan, the Taliban will seek their revenge. 

We Need Presidential Support

1. Call and message the President and ask for the administration to expedite the evacuation of all 18,000 combat interpreters to Guam, before the U.S. Military completes its withdrawal!

2. Contact your members of Congress to let them know you want them to support the Guam Option. Ask them to call on the President to evacuate ALL our wartime allies to Guam before the completion of the U.S. Military withdrawal.



Congressional Sponsors

We are presently meeting with members of Congress in both the House and Senate to gain sponsors for a stand-alone bill to support the immediate evacuation of Afghan Interpreters and their dependents from Afghanistan. 


We Need Presidential Support

Reach out directly to the White House. And ask your members of Congress to call on the President to move faster on the evacuation, and to evacuate all 18,000 applicants!

While the President has announced an evacuation, we worry he will only evacuate a small fraction of those in need, and he is starting WAY too late.


We are currently on step 02. To support us today, complete this survey


Let your members of Congress know this is important!


Passing the Bill

For this to work, we will need members of both parties to promote and pass this bill. This will require all of us, from around the country reaching out to our own member of congress.

Want All the Details?


Friends in a New Land

Support our Wartime Allies when they arrive.

Moving to a new country is never easy. While there are established resettlement agencies that support interpreters immigration we find that supportive friends help. Help us make their transition as smooth as possible as we welcome these heroes to their new home.


Want All the Details?

On April 21st, 2021, the Truman Center published a detailed report on the current situation facing Afghan Wartime Allies and the challenges and recommendations to help the US government to save these 18,000 heroes and their families.